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Innovating History Education in the Black Sea Region

Teaching materials

Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues This ongoing (2011-2015) project focuses on five countries and their shared cultural heritage: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine. Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues brings together cultural education practitioners in roundtable discussions, active workshops, and international trainings on innovative ways to teach and learn about the cultural history of the Black Sea Region. The project will contribute to the professional development of hundreds of educators, stimulate cross-border cooperation, and help to build the capacities of a large number of civil society organizations. The main result of the project is the publication of a multilingual educational resource and three of the special reports named above.                                                                                                      

 The editing of the Sharing History, Cultural Dialogue project is reaching its final stage and most of the 30 modules developed in the project have been sent for design and translation. 

1) What is silent Maiden Tower? Authors: Narmin Rajabova & Faud Aghayev. pdf

2) German settlers in Azerbaijan XIX- early XX centuries. Authors: Gulnara Abidi & Aydin Aslanov. pdf

3) Baku oil and Culture. Author: Samira Iskenderova. pdf

4) Azerbaijani woman in the family and society in the early 20th century (the pages of the magazine "Molla Nasreddin"). Authors: Nazmin Cafarova & Vagif Abbasov. pdf

5) New trends in the traditional life of South Caucasus people. Authors: Fuad Aghayev & Narmin Rajabova. pdf

6) Transcaucasian seminary. Authors: Fuad Agayev and Alexandra Kozorog. pdf