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Written by puahe Hits: 2018

The Public Union History Educators (Azerbaijan) was founded in 2009 and currently has over 300 members. Among its main aims are to assist teachers in improving their professional skills and knowledge, to develop and disseminate innovative teaching materials and methodologies, and to reduce tensions between the countries of the South Caucasus through promoting cooperation and objective approaches to history and heritage education. The Public Union History Educators (Azerbaijan) and its partners, among them EUROCLIO, conduct many activities such as joint international projects, training events, research, and publishing. The Public Union History Educators (Azerbaijan) holds monthly round-tables and press conferences.

The objectives of the Union are as following: 

To provide common investigation in South Caucasus for historical learning of the region by history teachers.

To diminish tensions among countries and accepting the countries without post historical pain in the region of South Caucasus.  

To enlarge knowledge of history teachers and their educational abilities.

To write methodical innovations of historical reconnaissance and training.

Restoration of memorials of Azerbaijan history.

Publication of information bulletin, methodical resources and analytical articles of Azerbaijan history.

To prepare teaching and methodic aids of historical map Azerbaijan Republic.

From 2009-2012, The Public Union History Educators (Azerbaijan) with its partners from Armenia and Georgia published the follow books: "Sketches of History of South Caucasus Countries" (in Russian), "History and Identity: The South Caucasus and Other Regions in Transition" (in English and Russian), "Positive Examples of Coexistence from the History of Peoples and States of the South Caucasus" (in English and Russian), "Cross-analyses of 'Sketches of History of the South Caucasus Countries'" (in Russian), and "Qualitative Analysis of Textbooks of History of High Schools of Georgia and Armenia" (in Russian).

From 2011-2015, The Public Union History Educators (Azerbaijan) participated in the project “Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues. Innovating History Education in the Black Sea Region”, which involves 5 Eastern Partnership Programme countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) and is funded by the European Commission within the programme "Investing in People (Development Cooperation Instrument)" and the Eastern Partnership Culture programme (European Neighborhood Partnership Instrument).  Sharing History – Cultural Dialogues brings together history, heritage and citizenship education professionals from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine aims at raising awareness for innovative and responsible approaches in cultural education, which enhance democracy and intercultural dialogue, creating sustainable national and cross border networks and strengthening the professional capacities of their individual members.