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Two big upcoming events of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ in Istanbul and Tbilisi

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Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project team is planning two important events in Tbilisi and Istanbul in summer of 2013. The work meeting in Tbilisi (20-21 July 2013) aims to provide a training support to authors team in Armenia & Azerbaijan, as well as Georgia towards improving the professional quality of the educational modules prepared by their national authors and comply it with the framework agreed in the 2nd Regional meeting in Tbilisi (April 2013) before the 3rd Regional Meeting in Istanbul (August 2013). This meeting will be attended by around 20 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and trainers from Georgia, Ukraine and project manager from EUROCLIO. The 3rd Regional meeting of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project this time will take place in Istanbul between 23-27 August 2013. In Istanbul seminar, the authors team will present their improved educational modules which will be further advanced before the 4th regional meeting in Ukraine and will be included in the final project material. Moreover, the focus of the Istanbul seminar will be on cross-border cooperation, and interaction between the different national workgroups . One of outstanding purposes of the regional meeting is to facilitate cooperation between the different national teams and peer-review.


Sharing History Presents an Active Workshop to An International Audience in Ohrid

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On 1 April 2014, with the support of the Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues (SHCD) project team, an author of the educational module of  SHCD project from Georgia Beso Lordkipanidze successfully hosted an active workshop entitled ‘Not an easy fate of Christmas and New Year’ for the international audience of EUROCLIO's 21st  Annual Conference in Ohrid (Republic of Macedonia). The workshop was based on the module by Amiran Jamagidze and Elizaveta Buskhrikidze from Georgia who were not personally present in the event. The workshop was attended by educators from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Georgia, Finland, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, The Netherlands, and Ukraine. The participants found the source materials used in the workshop very interesting and multiperspective. The workshop was received well by all participants, who found the source materials highly stimulating and providing interesting suggestions and feedback towards finalizing the module on which the workshop was based on. The inputs collected from this workshop will be reviewed by the authors of the module and will be considered in the final revised version of the module. The workshop was another indicator of the positive impact the SHCD project has on the professional development of its authors, who have been encouraged to stand active and nurture their professional capacities at an international level.


Crucial Steps Taken at 3rd Editing Meeting in Chisinau

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From 6-9 July, editors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova and Russia met in Chisinau to work on the editing for the draft modules within the Sharing History, Cultural Dialoguesproject. In addition to the editing of modules, the team worked on the glossary and footnotes (for terms that need more explanations), identified sensitive and controversial issues and discussed the testing and piloting procedures. As part of the visit to Moldova, the team visited the ANTIM resource centerthat has been improved as part of the capacity building of the project. The next step of the project will be the testing and piloting of modules and selection of a publishing house. 


“Teaching the Holocaust in the 21st century-2nd EUROCLIO-Yad Vashem Partnership Development Seminar’’

International School for Holocaust Studies (ISHS) 4-9 December, 2012 – Jerusalem

Yad Vashem -The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority hosted the 2nd EUROCLIO-Yad Vashem Partnership Development Seminar on “Teaching the Holocaust in the 21st Century”. The seminar took place in the International School for Holocaust Studies (ISHS) in the Yad Vashem compound located in Jerusalem from 4 to 9 December 2012. 12 history educators from Germany, Slovenia, Romania, the Netherlands, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Sweden participated in this international seminar. During the activities, the participants shared their personal and professional experiences in teaching the Holocaust in their home countries with mini-workshops and poster presentations. The participants evaluated the seminar`s outcomes positively, as it addressed the complexity and the challenges of teaching the Holocaust in schools, universities and communities nowadays.