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Stocktaking mission and active workshop in Azerbaijan

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From 7 to 13 May EUROCLIO and the Public Union of History Educators in Azerbaijan will go on a mission in Azerbaijan. This activity will be the first activity that will be held in Azerbaijan by EUROCLIO and within the Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues Programme. During the programme, history educators who work in Azerbaijan will participate in active workshops by Huseyin, (Turkish History Educators Association) and Julia Kushnevera (Moscow History Teachers Association), who build on their experiences from and materials developed in previous projects in Turkey and Russia. Several lobby and network meetings are also planned. Patrick Barker will take part in the mission and be actively involved in the development of a Special Report about the challenges and current practices of cultural education in Azerbaijan.


1st Regional Seminar of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ Project in Lviv

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Lviv, Ukraine on 4-7 October 2012

EUROCLIO Coordinators are planning the 1st Regional Seminar of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ Project. This seminar aims at  reaching an agreement on the parameters for the common publication based on input from the round-table discussions, trainings and reflections during the seminar, building on experience from key people from previous projects and transfer key elements learned to the Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues themes, discussing  and reflect on innovative methodologies and identify historical themes and topic related to culture that are relevant across the project countries, plan the work of the next semester of the project. The seminar will be attended by 49 participants from 5 project countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), EUROCLIO Coordinators, as well as International Trainers from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Balkans. The programme of the seminar is filled with a number of active workshops, project presentations, ice-breaking activity, On-site Learning activities etc.


EUROCLIO Exploratory visit to Azerbaijan within Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues project.

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From 7thto 13thof May EUROCLIO project coordinators Steven Stegers, Aysel Gojayeva and external reporter Patrick Barker undertook a visit to Azerbaijan. The visit was organized in cooperation with the Publica Union of Azerbaijan History Educators which is the local partner of the project. The purpose of this visit was getting familiarized with the Education system of Azerbaijan, particualry related to History education. During the visit, the EUROCLIO coordinators met officials at the Ministry of Education, Student Admission Commission, the Directorship of the Pedagogical University of Azerbaijan, In-Service Training Institute, Embassies of European countries, UNESCO National Commission in Azerbaijan etc. One of the unique events during the visit was the full day training on the 8thof May which trained more than 80 history teachers from all types of secondary schools in Baku and some other regions. Participants were introduced to experiences of experts fromRussia,Turkey, and the Netherlands and were involved in active workshops on innovative methodology of history teaching. By the end of the visit EUROCLIO coordinators visited several schools in Baku, Bilasuvar, Sumgayit, met teachers and students, got familiar with different education system and teaching models. This visit will be followed with the report which will contain the analytical overview of the experiences and knowledges collected during the visit.


2nd Regional Meeting of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project to take place in Tbilisi

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The 2nd Regional meeting of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia from the 19th to the 22nd of April 2013. The training will be participated by baround 70 participants working on the development of the material and representatives from different educational and cultural institutions. This is the first training within the project which will mainly focus on the development of the material. The programme of the regional training will involve workshops by each country team presenting 1 draft module prepared by their country team, session in the Georgian National museum on how to link the school curriculum to museum education. Other national and international institutions and beneficiaries of EuroEast Culture Programme in Georgia will be invited to present source and materials during the fair. Cultural programme and capacity building trainings by international trainers will be the part of the training programme.



Authors’ team in Azerbaijan actively involved in developing educational material

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On the 29th of May, 2013 EUROCLIO in close partnership with GAHE, History Teachers Association of Georgia and Nova Doba, All-Ukrainian History Teachers´ Association organized a work meeting for the history educators from Azerbaijan within ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project. The aim of the meeting was to ensure a successful follow up of decisions and thematic framework agreed cduring the 2nd regional meeting of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project and share good practices of partners in Georgia and Ukraine with the Azerbaijani team.

The meeting has been attended by 30 history and museum educators from Baku, and different southern regions of Azerbaijan. Participants during the meeting have been involved in active workshop organized by Polina Verbytska (Ukraine), Steven Stegers (EUROCLIO) and Nana Tsikhistavi (Georgia) and acquired more knowledge on interactive teaching methods and source based teaching.

Overwhelming majority of participants have raised their interest in preparing new teaching modules and get involved in upcoming national, and regional activities of the project. The deadline of 30 June to submit module materials to EUROCLIO managers have been recalled. Authors whose modules will be selected as a result of close assessment of modules in accordance with framework agreed in Tbilisi, will be invited to the 3rd regional meeting of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project in Istanbul (23-27 August 2013).